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Let's get you your perfect Sleep comfy mattress, get in touch with us & learn more about the right mattress.

At CUZY our mission is to consistently deliver the most comfortable and enjoyable sleep experience. An overall experience that demonstrates outstanding value for our customers. We will provide superior service to our Canadian consumers and always strive to deliver the best sleep experience in terms of comfort, luxury & support.

Cuzy was founded to help improve the health and well-being of Canadians, by ensuring that they get the best night's sleep possible. In today’s world, it’s become more important than ever to restore your body and mind with a full, uninterrupted sleep cycle. That’s why we’ve designed the best gel memory foam mattress in Canada, to provide the highest level of comfort and exceptional quality in order to help you achieve a restful sleep experience.

With a Cuzy box mattress and base, you are guaranteed a comfortable and relaxing space to sleep. Our mattresses are designed to support your body while you sleep and enable you to wake up feeling both refreshed and invigorated.

How Our Mattress is Made

Our medium-firm gel memory foam mattress is created by layering several different materials to provide you with the most flexible and comfortable surface. At the core, we use three inches of high resilience foam and then six inches of high-density foam for the ultimate pliability. Our mattresses also include an inch of memory gel, which is temperature-adjustable for the ultimate custom sleep experience.

Memory foam is a revolutionary substance, as it offers an open-cell design that maximizes airflow and allows the material to adapt and conform to anything on top. High-density memory foam reacts to body heat and molds to fit the user's frame, which makes it the ideal material for a high-quality mattress. At Cuzy, our cheap gel memory foam mattress also includes removable and washable quilting. That way, you can protect your investment and ensure that it remains in pristine condition throughout its lifetime.

Foam Mattress Benefits

Ever since memory foam was first invented by NASA, foam mattresses have become one of the market's most innovative products, providing numerous benefits for users of all ages. If you suffer from joint problems or spinal discomfort that worsens after sleep, our memory foam mattress is a gentle and supportive solution that can reduce pressure on these sensitive areas. A traditional spring mattress pushes upwards and exerts force onto you as you sleep, which can exacerbate any underlying medical conditions or cause you to feel aches when you wake up and begin the day.

The unique design of a soft gel memory foam mattress also provides a host of other benefits, such as reducing the effect of movement on the other side of the bed -- which can be a source of conflict amongst couples. The open cell nature of foam also means that, unlike spring mattresses, there is less opportunity for allergenic matter to build up over time (such as dust and dust mites, mold and mildew). As a result, you're ensured a significantly more pleasant sleeping experience that is calm and undisturbed.

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