Frequently Asked Questions

What Mattress Foundation Should I Use?

This is a common question for individuals who are purchasing their first mattress or looking to upgrade their mattress to improve their sleep and general well-being.

The first aspect to take into consideration is what material you want to opt for with your mattress. A gel memory foam mattress (such as our Mattress in a Box) provides a host of benefits. This is because it is highly affordable, all while also ensuring a reduction in allergens and less disturbance from movement if you share the bed with a partner.

The unique structure of gel memory foam means that the material adapts and conforms to the weight of your body, resulting in a personalized sleep experience and the ultimate comfort. Furthermore, if a convenient and simple method of purchasing and installing a mattress set is important to you then you might want to opt for a full Mattress In A Box Set, which is delivered quickly straight to your home.

What’s The Difference Between a Memory Foam and Gel Foam Mattress?

While a gel foam mattress and a memory foam mattress are related products, they do offer slightly different benefits to the individual. The main difference between the two is that gel memory foam is made of viscoelastic (just like memory foam), with additional gel inserted into the material.

The extra gel substance produces a more accommodating and adaptable surface that reduces pressure on the user's body -- even more so than with memory foam alone. The addition of this gel also means that the mattress can help regulate temperature further and cool down the user at night. Some people can find that memory foam mattresses alone produce a sleeping environment that is too warm. A difference between a gel foam and memory foam mattress, therefore, is that a gel memory foam mattress allows more air to penetrate through the material and heat retention is less of an issue for the user.

What Is The Difference Between Memory Foam and Gel Foam?

If you're looking to purchase a new mattress, you might be wondering about the difference between a gel foam and memory foam mattress. Gel foam and memory foam are similar substances that are both commonly used in the manufacturing of mattresses, though they differ subtly in their composition. Memory foam was first invented by NASA in the 1960s, but has become a more common material in household products in recent decades.

Memory foam is created through an ingenious design that consists of viscoelastic polyurethane in a cell-like structure, which allows air to circulate and for the material to adapt to body heat. Gel foam, on the other hand, has a similar chemical makeup with the addition of gel inserted into the foam. This allows for a less resistant surface, with even greater airflow and even less heat retention.

How Long Do Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

With all of the benefits of gel memory foam (such as more supportive and comfortable sleep), you might be wondering: how long do gel memory foam mattresses last?

The answer is that a gel memory foam mattress will normally last just as long as any other, more traditional mattress (such as a spring mattress).

Depending on your specific use and the care that you take with the product, a gel memory foam mattress should last for up to ten years and occasionally even longer. Gel memory foam mattresses, like their relative the memory foam mattress, are known for being long-lasting and reliable over time.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Sag?

As you learn more about the adaptable nature of memory foam mattresses and their benefits when it comes to joint and spinal support, you might be wondering if this means that they will end up sagging.

Although the newer the memory foam the faster it will spring back, memory foam mattresses often end up sagging less generally than many of their traditional counterparts (such as spring mattresses).

In order to ensure that your memory foam mattress lasts as long as possible, it is crucial to buy one from a reliable brand that uses high-quality materials that extend the mattress' ability to bounce back. You will also want to ensure that the brand offers a removable quilted mattress topping, just like we do at Cuzy! This allows you to rotate the mattress and preserve the longevity of your investment over time.

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